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Introduction to ACTRIS RI[edit]

A brief description of the ACTRIS RI.

Requirements gathered[edit]

General requirements[edit]

ACTRIS data are available at no cost from the ACTRIS Data Portal [1], which provides access to the ACTRIS Data Base to select different type of data by fields (e.g. station, date, and other metadata), by period time (e.g. volcanic eruption in Iceland 2010) or by repositories (e.g. CLOUDENT, EARLINET and EUSAAR). Once retrieved the data, users can plot the selected data in the portal.

ACTRIS has three types of data repositories (also called topic databases): near surface data (EBAS), aerosol profiles (EARLINET) and cloud profiles (CLOUDNET). Furthermore, ACTRIS is starting to develop a new database with satellite data linked to ACTRIS ground based data, but it is not available yet. There are differences for retrieving data between those three types because they belong to three different repositories. But in general, each station acquires data and processes it at the station level. Later, data (processed) is uploaded to the topic database where a quality check procedure is performed before storing the data. The Data Portal is structured as a metadata catalogue, searching the topical data bases, enabling data download from the primary archive.. Typically all the data are available to the users. In ACTRIS 2, some of the data process (e.g. aerosol profile data) will be centrally and automatically performed (some of them in NRT) and data will be directly submitted to the database.


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Community support[edit]

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Summary and conclusions[edit]