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Introduction to ANAEE[edit]

AnaEE (analysis and experimentation on ecosystems) ( is a research infrastructure that focuses on providing services for experimental manipulation of managed and unmanaged terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. It will strongly support scientists in their analysis, assessment and forecasting of the impact of climate and other global changes on the services that ecosystems provide to society. AnaEE will help to predict in a precise manner the response of the main continental ecosystems to environmental and land use changes. It will support scientists and policymakers to develop solutions to the challenges of food security and environmental sustainability, with the aim of stimulating the growth of a vibrant bioeconomy.

AnaEE entered the Preparatory Phase in November 2012. The consortium is currently composed of 14 partners from 10 countries. AnaEE's building blocks will include state of the art in natura and in vitro experimental platforms equipped with the latest technology, associated with sophisticated analytical and modeling platforms coupled to observation and monitoring sites that will provide indispensable calibration and validation of datasets throughout Europe.

Requirements gathered[edit]

General requirements[edit]

General requirements of ANAEE

Identification and citation[edit]

Please see the page Identification and Citation for AnaEE for the responses of AnaEE to the questionnaire on this topic!






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