Cataloguing in EMBRC

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Context of cataloguing in EMBRC / St Andrews[edit]

Questionnaire answers from EMBRC/St Andrews on Cataloguing available at:

Summary of EMBRC / St Andrews requirements for Cataloguing[edit]

Detailed requirements[edit]

  1. Do you use catalogues or require using catalogues for the following items?
    a. Observation system
    b. Data processing system
    c. Observation event and collected samples
    d. Data processing event
    e. Data product
    f. Paper or report product >
    g. Research objects or feature interest (e.g. site, taxa, ...)

    > No all of them

  2. For each used or required catalogue, consider the following questions:
    a. Item descriptions
    b. Inputs
    c. Human Outputs
    d. Machine Outputs

    > Not relevant for all of them

Formalities (who & when) [edit]

Cristina Adriana Alexandru
RI representative
Charles Paxton
Period of requirements collection
November 2015