Cataloguing in ICOS

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Context of cataloguing in ICOS[edit]

Complete report on Cataloguing in ICOS available at:

Summary of ICOS requirements for cataloguing[edit]

Central to all ICOS operations will be a comprehensive and continuously updated metadata database that describes all ICOS data objects - including sensor data, aggregated data products, observation station information and measurement protocols. This database will be the backbone of the ICOS cataloguing service, serving the data discovery functionalities of the Carbon Portal, and supporting the long-term repository archiving. The data object metadata database (DOMDB) design must be flexible in order to both handle (merge) the various ICOS-internal metadata schemas, as well as allowing efficient interfacing with other data portals and cataloguing services.

Detailed requirements[edit]

The detailed RI response to this part of the requirements questionnaire is attached: ICOS - 3 - Cataloguing 2016-01-27 all.docx

Formalities (who & when)[edit]

Alex Vermeulen
RI representative
Maggie Hellström, Dario Papale, Benjamin Pfeil
Period of requirements collection
September 2015 - December 2015