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Service name Service area Service phase Tagline Service owner * Action required *
B3. Dynamic Real-time Infrastructure Planner (DRIP) compute alpha Optimised infrastructure planning and provisioning for time-critical applications. UvA (University of Amsterdam)
A4. Architecture Design consultancy
C3. Data / metadata generation from semantic annotations
C1. Data Subscription Service Discovery of data set changes and user notification Working Proof of Concept Discover change data sets through data or metadata changes EUDAT operated by CSC - IT Center for Science
C4. Dynamic ecological Information Management System (DEIMS) Discovery of (meta)data of RIs Production Comprehensive database of environmental research sites LTER Europe
A3. ENVRI Knowledge Base Beta University of Amsterdam
D1. ENVRIplus Service Testbed based on EGI Cloud Compute Compute, storage Production: service available in the live environment meeting security/performance requirements EGI Foundation
B2. gCube / D4Science DataMiner Data processing and analytics Production Open, user friendly and extensible data analytics platform ready for Open Science and VREs.
B1. Linked open data ingestion and metadata service data ICOS
A2. Open Information Linking for Environmental science research infrastructures data alpha Open linking between environmental science RI reference modelling and controlled vocabularies. Paul Martin
B5. Flagship product catalogue discovery of data and acquisition services under development discover what data or experiment hosting support you can get from the European envrionment Research Infrastructures. ENVRIplus project; Operated by EUDAT/DKRZ
A1. RM Training: Practical Introduction to the ENVRI RM Reference model Training beta: service being developed while available for testing publicly Cardiff University