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The goal of the Information Viewpoint (IV) is to provide a common abstract model for the shared research data handled by the infrastructure. The focus lies on the data itself, without considering any platform-specific or implementation details. It is independent from the computational interfaces and functions that manipulate the data or the nature of technology used to store it. Similar to a high level ontology, the IV aims to provide a unique and consistent interpretation of the shared information objects of a particular domain.

The IV specifies the types of the information objects and the relationships between those types. The main purpose of this viewpoint is to provide an abstract model of the lifecycles of the information objects handled by the RI. It also defines the constraints on information objects and the rules governing those lifecycles.

The models of the IV are grouped as follows.

The Information Viewpoint defines a set of IV objects and the set IV actions acting on those objects. The diagram below shows the main elements of the IV and their relationships. Each ellipse contains a concept. The arrows connecting the concepts are directed and indicate the relationship between concepts. The label of the link indicates the type of relationship. From this, the diagram indicates that an IV object can be created by an IV action, as indicated by the creates relationship. Similarly, an IV object can be part of another IV object, as indicated by the isPartOf relationship. In this same way an action can be part of a chain of actions, this is indicated by two relationships delegatesTo and precedes.

ENVRI-RM IV 01.png

Information Viewpoint components and their relationships

In the ENVRI RM research data and metadata are the main information objects managed by an RI. For this reason the IV is closely aligned with the research data lifecycle model.


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