Community Support in IAGOS

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Context of Community Support in IAGOS[edit]

Summary of IAGOS requirements for Community Support[edit]

IARGOS doesn't have clear requirements on Community Support, which seems not part of community focus. On training, IAGOS doesn't have specific training plan, since their datasets are relative simple for users to understand. There are no plan for using e-Infrastructure at the moment. However, generic introduction/training of e-Infrastructure technology and knowledge would be interesting, which will be useful for IAGOS ICT team.

Detailed requirements[edit]

  1. Training Requirements
    1. Do you use or plan to use e-Infrastructure technology? Not at the moment.
    2. What is your community training plan? Do not have specific training plan. Dataset is simple for user to use.
    3. Does your community consider adopting e-Infrastructure solutions (e.g., Cloud, Grid, HPC, cluster computing). NA
    4. Is your community interested in training courses that introduce state-of-the-art e-Infrastructure technology? Probably useful for the ICT team
    5. What topics (related to e-Infrastructure solutions) would your community be interested in? NA
    6. Who would be audience? NA
      § Please describe their knowledge background of e-Infrastructure technology
    7. What are appropriate methods to deliver this training? NA
  2. Requirements for the Community Support Subsystem: NA
    1. What are the required functionalities of your Community Support capability?
    2. What are the non-functional requirements, e.g., privacy, licensing, performance?
    3. What standards do you use, e.g., related to data, metadata, web services?
    4. What community software/services/applications do you use?

Formalities (who & when)[edit]

Yin Chen
RI representative
Damien Boularnger<>

is the Manager of the IAGOS Information system

Period of requirements collection
Nov-Dec 2015