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Context of community support in EuroGOOS[edit]

This section outlines the requirements which have been collected from EuroGOOS on the topic of "Community support" during Task 5.1 of the ENVRIplus project.

A description of EUROGOOS was presented in General requirements for EuroGOOS. As explained there, EuroGOOS is not a RI, but the members of its Task Teams belong to communities which could be considered RIs. We have therefore addressed the specific questions to these communities.

Complete report for the HF Radar Task Team of EUROGOOS, including Community Support requirements, is available at:

Summary of EuroGOOS requirements for community support[edit]

Detailed requirements[edit]

1. The HF Radar Task Team and Community

Training Requirements

The HF Radar Task Team would like to perform some training to a wider community, but they currently do not have the funds for this. They have applied to a Marie Curie European Training Network project, but they have been unsuccessful in its previous call. New initiatives are in progress.

The HF Radar community do not currently use e-infrastructure technology. The different institutes involved currently use the typical database. The RI representative foresaw that e-infrastructure technology could be of interest to them for the future.

The HF Radar Task team would indeed be interested in courses on e-infrastructure technology, in particular in those about recent technological advances which could help them put in place an interoperable system. Such an interoperable system would allow providers to actualise the various databases at the same time when they need to re-process the data. The audience of the courses would consist of the main data operators, and will depend on the final organisation which will be decided on by EuroGOOS (whether there will be just one European node, or several smaller regional ones, interoperability with local providers). As travelling to attend live tutorials could be difficult, the RI representative advised that recommendations, best practice and example documents, and later specific assessment reports could be better for the HF Radar community. He welcomed the help of the ENVRIplus community.

2. The FerryBox Community

The following replies were provided in writing by representatives of the FerryBox Task Team.

a. Training Requirements
i. Do you use or plan to use e-Infrastructure technology? No
ii. What is your community training plan? -
iii. Does your community consider adopting e-Infrastructure solutions (e.g., Cloud, Grid, HPC, cluster computing). No
iv. Is your community interested in training courses that introduce state-of-the-art e-Infrastructure technology? No
v. What topics (related to e-Infrastructure solutions) would your community be interested in? -
vi. Who would be audience? - Please describe their knowledge background of e-Infrastructure technology
vii. What are appropriate methods to deliver this training? -
b. Requirements for the Community Support Subsystem:
i. What are the required functionalities of your Community Support capability? Phone and E-Mail support.
ii. What are the non-functional requirements, e.g., privacy, licensing, performance?
iii. What standards do you use, e.g., related to data, metadata, web services? The Ferrybox portal itself uses data, service and metadata methods which are suited to the Ferrybox data model. This is part of the RI. Our own portal is not part of the RI but we offer the metadata INSPIRE complaint and the web services WMS, WFS, SOS, WPS, CSW and others.
iv. What community software/services/applications do you use? Output as netcdf, special Ferrybox services like transect plots, scatter plots and maps.

Formalities (who & when)[edit]

Cristina Adriana Alexandru
RI representative
Julien Mader (HF Tadar Task Team, working in Asti in Spain), Franciscus Colijn, Willy Petersen, G. Breitbach (FerryBox Task Team)
Period of requirements collection
October-December 2015