Community support in ICOS

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Context of community support in ICOS[edit]

Complete report on Community Support in ICOS available at:

Summary of ICOS requirements for community support[edit]

ICOS must be prepared to support its user communities on several levels, including user-friendly web-based interfaces for discovering and accessing ICOS data products, providing documentation and support information (e.g., as a wiki and a FAQ), operating a “help desk”, and offering training (tutorials, workshops). At the same time, ICOS also recognizes the need to provide training on ITC- and e-Infrastructure-related topics to its own personnel.

Detailed requirements[edit]

The detailed RI response to this part of the requirements questionnaire is attached: ICOS - 7 - Community support 2016-01-27.docx

Formalities (who & when) [edit]

Alex Vermeulen
RI representative
Maggie Hellström
Period of requirements collection
September 2015 - December 2015