Curation in EMBRC

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Context of curation in EMBRC / St Andrews[edit]

Questionnaire answers from EMBRC/St Andrews on Curation available at:

Summary of EMBRC /St Andrews requirements for Curation[edit]

Detailed requirements[edit]

  1. Will the responsibility for your RI’s curation be shared with other organisations?
    > Possibly

  2. Does the curation cover datasets or also
    > It covers Software, Operating environment and Specifications/documentation

  3. What is your curation policy on discarding
    > None

  4. How will data accessibility be maintained for the long term? E.g. What is your curation policy regarding media migration?
    > None to my knowledge

  5. Do you track with a logging system all curation activities?
    > Not to my knowledge

  6. What metadata standards do you use for providing
    a. Discovery,
    b.Contextualisation (including rights, privacy, security, quality,suitability...)
    c.Detailed access-level (i.e. connecting software to data within an operating environment)?
    > No standard policy

  7. If you curate software how do you do it? Preserving the software or a software specification?
    > Preserving the software but we also specify software.
    > At the moment this is not really done because software is developed mainly by PhD students who stop curating it once they finish their studies. There is a real need for a resource that can provide assistance for curating software

  8. What provisions will you make for curating workflows?
    > It varies

  9. If you curate the operating environment how do you do it? Preserving the environment or an environment specification?
    > Not relevant

  10. What steps in tooling, automation and presentation do you consider necessary to improve take up of curation facilities and to reduce the effort required for curation?
    > Not relevant

Formalities (who & when) [edit]

Cristina Adriana Alexandru
RI representative
Charles Paxton
Period of requirements collection
November 2015