Curation in IS-ENES2

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Context of curation in IS-ENES2[edit]

Summary of IS-ENES2 requirements for curation[edit]

Detailed requirements[edit]

  1. Will the responsibility for your RI’s curation activities be shared with other organisations?
    It is already a shared approach between various climate data centres and climate modelling centres
  2. Does the curation cover datasets only or also:
    • Software?
    • Operating environment?
    • Specifications/documentation?
      All cases: also (ii only meta information on environment).
  3. What is your curation policy on retaining/discarding
    • Datasets?
      Final project data >10yrs
    • Software?
      Mostly no policy
    • Operating environments?
      Mostly no policy
    • Documents?
      When needed – actually we do not always have the time to keep everything up to date.
  4. How will data accessibility be maintained for the long term? E.g. What is your curation policy regarding media migration?
    RI policies depend on the specific policies of the service centers providing LTA services: e.g. New tapes after 5 years at DKRZ
  5. Do you track all curation activities with a logging system?
    At DKRZ most activities are logged but not systematically. It depends on the site in question.
  6. What metadata standards do you use for providing
    • Discovery,
  7. Contextualisation (including rights, privacy, security, quality, suitability...)
    Strongly depending on the project
    • Detailed access-level (i.e. connecting software to data within an operating environment)? n/a
      Please supply documentation
  8. If you curate software how do you do it? Preserving the software or a software specification?
    SW by SVN/GitHub – ad hoc storage by some data centres.
  9. What provisions will you make for curating workflows or other processing procedures/protocols?
    Storing provenance logs as part of workflow outputs is foreseen for some data evaluation workflow chains.
  10. If you curate the operating environment how do you do it? Preserving the environment or an environment specification?
    Just specifications like OS, compiler, hardware, libraries, etc.
  11. What steps in tooling, automation and presentation do you consider necessary to improve take up of curation facilities and to reduce the effort required for curation?
    Better unification of policies & interfaces and better adhering to it.

Formalities (who & when) [edit]

Yin Chen
RI representative
Sylvie Joussaume <>
Francesca Guglielmo <>
Period of requirements collection
Oct -Nov 2015