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Introduction to EMSO[edit]

EMSO, the European multidisciplinary seafloor & water column observatory (http://www.emso-eu.org/) provides research infrastructure for integrating data gathered from a range of ocean observatories and tries to ensure open access to that data to academic researchers. EMSO is based on a European-scale distributed research infrastructure of seafloor observatories with the basic scientific objective of long-term monitoring, mainly in real-time, of environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere, including natural hazards. It is presently composed of several deep-seafloor observatories, which will be deployed on specific sites around European waters, reaching from the Arctic to the Black Sea passing through the Mediterranean Sea, thus forming a widely distributed pan-European infrastructure.

EMSO is currently (January 2016) in step 2 of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) application.

Requirements gathered[edit]

General requirements[edit]

General requirements of EMSO

Identification and citation[edit]

Identification and citation in EMSO






Community support[edit]

Community support in EMSO

Summary and conclusions[edit]