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Introduction to Euro-ARGO[edit]

Euro-Argo ( is a research infrastructure dedicated to in situ ocean observation with Argo floats. An individual Argo float is deployed in the open ocean. For a few years, it will continuously sample the ocean from surface to 2000 meters (or more with deep floats). The observations are ocean state essential variables such as temperature, salinity, current, oxygen, chlorophyll, pH, carbon.Euro-Argo is the European contribution to the global Argo observation network sustained with more than 3000 active floats. Euro-Argo data-management collects, decodes, controls and distributes European floats data to Argo global data assembly centre (Argo GDAC). Euro-Argo is hosting one of the 2 Argo GDACs (Ifremer in France and USGODAE server in USA).

Started January 2008 as a project, Euro-Argo aims at developing a European "infrastructure" for Argo to the level where the European partners have the capacity to procure and deploy about 250 floats per year, to monitor these floats and ensure all the data can be processed and delivered to users (both in real-time and delayed-mode). With a mean float lifetime of 4/5 years, such a European contribution would support approximately1/4 of the global array and provide an additional 50 floats per year for enhanced coverage in the European and marginal seas (e.g. the Nordic Seas, Mediterranean and Black Seas).

The Euro-Argo project involves 25 organisations from 12 countries, including France, Germany and UK who are the 3 major European contributors to Argo. All partners wish to optimise their collective contribution to relevant EU policies, programmes and projects. From July 2011, Euro-Argo is in a transition phase before the setting up of the Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) in May 2014.

Requirements gathered[edit]

General requirements[edit]

General requirements of Euro-ARGO

Identification and citation[edit]

Identification and citation in Euro-ARGO


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Community support[edit]

Community support in Euro-ARGO

Summary and conclusions[edit]