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Introduction to EuroGOOS[edit]

Requirements gathered[edit]

General requirements[edit]

General requirements for EuroGOOS

The RI representative for EuroGOOS considered that the following are some important aspects that need to be considered by the ocean observing community:

  • Integration and coherence;
  • The promotion of the community such that it can become more established and attract funders; EuroGOOS is working towards improving the coordination between its different member research institutes, by focusing on different platforms and different topic areas through its working groups and task teams.
  • Bringing in more staff who can promote their system.

A big open problem for the operational oceanography community, pertinent to handling and exploiting data, is that four dimensional variational data assimilation (4DVar), which can greatly improve the quality of forecasts, is computationally very expensive (it can double or triple computational overheads). Many of the EuroGOOS member institutes have embarked on a role to do 4DVar, but found that they lack the HPC (high performance computing), computational power or resources. The RI representative called for improvements and enhancements in the HPC or coding environment that would make 4DVar more feasible.

Identification and citation[edit]

Identification and Citation in EuroGOOS


Curation in EuroGOOS





Provenance in EuroGOOS

Community support[edit]

Community support in EuroGOOS

Summary and conclusions[edit]