Identification and citation in ICOS

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Context of identification and citation in ICOS[edit]

Complete report on Identification and Citation in ICOS available at:

Summary of ICOS requirements for identification and citation[edit]

ICOS will implement the allocation of unique persistent identifiers to all data objects that should be referable, both in the ICOS-internal work flows and to end users of ICOS data products. Since much of ICOS data will be dynamic in nature, the RI is interested in implementing a system for data citation that allows for versioning, as outlined by the Research Data Alliance WG on Data Citation.

Detailed requirements[edit]

The detailed RI response to this part of the requirements questionnaire is attached: ICOS - 1 - Identification and citation 2016-01-27.docx

Formalities (who & when)[edit]

Alex vermeulen
RI representative
Maggie Hellström
Period of requirements collection
September 2015 - December 2015