List of ENVRIplus Use Cases

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The first ENVRIplus week discussed various use cases which potentially could serve to provide the project work packages a better understanding of user and infrastructure requirements and to test solutions. Interesting cases depend on two or more research infrastructures. The lists below were collected for the work packages in theme 2, but should preferable also applicable for other themes. The cases are split in three groups with each a specific purpose as clarified below.

Scientific use cases (SC)[edit]

  • A highly visible frontier research project, dependent on several RI services
  • Researchers should be willing to serve as a guinea pig: secure the researchers engagement
ID Case
SC_3 How do mosquito born diseases emerge and what are trends?

Test cases (TC)[edit]

  • Test if cooperating RIs potentially can implement ENVRIPLUS solutions
  • Interesting tests cover instrumentation, data, workflows, and training
ID Case
TC_2 Euro-Argo data subscription service
TC_4 Sensor registry
TC_16 Description of a National Marine Biodiversity Data Archive Centre

Implementation case (IC)[edit]

  • Follows from the requirements analysis (= RI expectations from ENVRIPLUS) BOTH ENVRIPLUS and RIs have to invest in the actual implementation
ID Case
IC_1 Dynamic data citation, identification & citation (ICOS, ANAEE, IAGOS (Francios Andre), LTER (Barbara Magagna)
IC_2 Provenance Implementation case
IC_3 User support to re-process data using their own algorithms (EISCAT 3D)
IC_8 Cataloguing, curation, provenance across RIs WP8
IC_9 Provenance - use of DOI for tracing of data re-use
IC_10 Domain extension of existing thesauri
IC_11 Semantic Linking Framework
IC_12 Implementation of ENVRI RM for EUFAR and LTER