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This is a template for projects on the ENVRI wiki.

The logic of using templates is explained in Help:Manual.


To add a new project correctly, follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Create a new project template[edit]

a) Upload the project logo, if you have one. The general naming convention has been ProjectName_logo.jpg.

b) Create a new template called Template:YourProjectNameHere and copy all of the following into it:


...as well as any other information about the project you want to include.

Step 2: Create subpages[edit]

a) Next, create a subpage called Template:YourProjectNameHere/short. Insert a short description of the project.

b) Next, create a subpage called Template:YourProjectNameHere/summary. Copy in the following (and fill the blanks):

| url = (Project website.)
| alt-url = (An alternative URL if the official website no longer exists, eg. after the project has ended. The main url will be struck out.)
| funding-url = (A link to the funding institution's, eg. Horizon Europe's, project grant website.)
| id = (EU Grant Agreement or other project number.)
| start-date = 
| end-date = 
| length = (In months.)
| coordinating-institution = (Can be an external wikilink to a website.)
| call = (ID and/or name of the project call.)
| topic = (ID and/or name of the project topic.)

Step 3: Create a project category[edit]

Next, create (in the same manner as explained above) a Category:YourProjectNameHere page, and categorise it under either Category:Project or one of its subcategories.

Step 4: Put things in the project category[edit]

Finally, categorise all pages belonging to that project. (Uncategorised pages can be found via Special:SpecialPages.)

Step 5 (optional): Create an 'About' page for your project[edit]

You may want to create an "About YourProjectNameHere" page under the category you created in the previous step, with nothing but the following line:


...which will transclude the entire template into a "normal" page (which eg. shows up in searches, unlike templates).




Transclusion starts from here.


Website {{{url}}}
Grant website {{{funding-url}}}
Project number (EU Grant Proposal) {{{id}}}
Starting date {{{start-date}}}
Ending date {{{end-date}}}
Project length in months {{{length}}}
Coordinating institution {{{coordinating-institution}}}
Call {{{call}}}
Topic {{{topic}}}