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The battery door is reliable closes and opens well, it is easy to insert and remove the batteries without damaging them, the skin on the back is not of the smooth and soft type that can be purchased with a surcharge, but it is really beautiful and thick with "studs" distributed here and which contribute to giving it a good grip in contact with the hands, the paint seems resistant and certainly does not scratch or wear easily, the side panels have a carbon finish (mine), I don't know if they are replaceable but I see that they are fixed with screws. You can see wattage, temperature, voltage, amperage, joules - just about everything. The chipset is fully functional to the controls on the device via screen settings, with full access to power, temperature, preheating, watt boost, puff replay and Tc. You won’t be sad with this Sadboy e-juice in your tank, because it delivers an incredibly flavorful puff of hard strawberry candies with a gooey center! Replay function captures the perfect puff and recreates it again for a consistent vaping experience.
The same outputs are there, including the various temperature control metals, as well as Replay mode. It features a modern design with futuristic elements including stunning colorful panels, and an ergonomic design with curves in all of the right places to ensure maximum comfort. The device has a similar form factor and build (carbon fiber panels, leather elements), which is now synonymous with Lost Vape. Conclusion: Lost Vape Centaurus Review: The Same Old, Same Old? The Centaurus DNA250c is a very well built mod, the effect it has on the hands is solidity without however being heavy. If mesh isn’t your thing you can also pop a single coil in their so it’s versatile as well. Everyone knows that Lost Vape produces some of the most high-end vaping devices on the market today, and this particular mod is truly a thing of beauty. The famous three (or four) button control panel that comes on every Lost Vape mod is also on the Centaurus.
Nothing else comes close, not in the sub-$150 vape mod market, anyway. The device can remember the exact settings of a user’s favorite vape and replay it every time. There’s also a replay mode which is becoming quite popular among vapers. A curve mode is particularly hype-worthy, giving you maximum control over coil performance to adjust your hits according to your precise needs. The bourbon taste is not too over powering and the raw-like honey scent makes this tobacco eJuice flavor stand out. This is definitely very classy looking - but I can’t help thinking it will tip over all the time! I thought about buying this mod for a long time. The Lost Vape Centaurus arrives at a time when manufacturers are leaving behind AIOs and pod mods as their central devices. The SXMini Mi Class uses convenient pod cartridges with an integrated 1.0ohm coil and 1.8ml e-liquid capacity and can be filled with your choice of classic vape juice, 50:50 e juice or nic salt e-liquid. The Centaurus mod uses a very accurate chip that can measure and tweak each setting. The Escribe software is also included so users can tweak their vaping even more, beyond just the screen.
The stainless steel parts all house the important (and breakable) components like the screen and control panel. The Centaurus’ elegant body combines genuine leather craftsmanship with slick stainless steel and fits comfortably in hand. Users will find this out when they try to go past the 200W limit on the control panel. Not able to find what you are looking for? At the bottom of the mod, you’ll find a hinged door into which you can place two 18650 batteries that are sold separately. The Aegis Max can take either a single 18650 or a single 21700 in its bottom battery bay. The main screen shows users their current mode (Wattage, Wattage Boost, Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium, SS 316, SS430, Replay) as well as the current wattage, resistance, date and time, as well as showing the “Settings” icon on the bottom. Internally, the YiHi Mi Class features a rechargeable 400mAh battery with the microUSB charging port located at the bottom of the device alongside a reset button for any troubleshooting, completing a phenomenal vapemasterpiece! Powered by 400mAh Built-in Battery, its working power range is from 7 to 13W. Moreover, Mi Class Kit comes with 1.5ml replacement pod cartridge, easy to refill.