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Introduction defining context and scope[edit]

Change history and amendment procedure[edit]

The review of this topic will be organised by Keith Jeffery in consultation with the following volunteers: Not an unresolved user. They will partition the exploration and gathering of information and collaborate on the analysis and formulation of the initial report. Record details of the major steps in the change history table below.For further details of the complete procedure see item 4 on the Getting Started page.

Note: Do not record editorial / typographical changes. Only record significant changes of content.

Date Name Institution Nature of the information added / changed

Sources of information used[edit]

Two-to-five year analysis[edit]

State of the art


Subsequent headings for each trend (if appropriate in this HL3 style)

Problems to be overcome

Sub-headings as appropriate in HL3 style (one per problem)

Details underpinning above analysis

Sketch of a longer-term horizon[edit]

Relationships with requirements and use cases[edit]

Summary of analysis highlighting implications and issues[edit]

Bibliography and references to sources[edit]