Atmosphere subdomain FAIRness Assessment

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D8.1 Atmosphere subdomain FAIRness Assessment
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Deliverable nr D8.1
Submission date 30/11/2019
Type Analysis

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This document is the Deliverable 8.1 of the ENVRI-FAIR EU project conducted by the ESFRI Cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI). Here, a first self-FAIRness assessment was done by the five Atmospheric RIs of the ENVRI-FAIR subdomain work package (WP) 8, comprising ACTRIS, IAGOS, ICOS-Atmosphere, EISCAT-3D and EISCAT. It used a questionnaire based on the 15 concepts of FAIRness described in Wilkinson et al. (2016). The assessment shows that all of these RIs find room for improvement in all four of the FAIR domains: Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Reusability. After a thorough gap analysis, the WP8 as a whole could identify a common plan for a number of concrete developments where action could start immediately. These actions are further detailed in ENVRI-FAIR MS35 and an actual implementation plan is currently being drafted under task Task 8.3 of the project (Define atmospheric RI technological implementation plan and common procedures). Furthermore, two topics that were found to be especially challenging are introduced in the last section of the document. These deal with: the use of semantic web, ontology and vocabularies and exhaustive provenance.

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