Atmosphere subdomain implementation

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D8.3 Atmosphere subdomain implementation
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Deliverable nr D8.3
Submission date 28 April 2020
Type Plan

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The RIs of the ENVRI atmospheric subdomain have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the FAIRness of their data management. The identified gaps considered most important from a user perspective concern the following FAIRness functions: • Findable: globally unique identifier; indexed in searchable resource. • Accessible: (meta)data retrievable by standardised protocol • Interoperable: common vocabulary • Re-usable: established license, documented provenance, (meta)data meets community standards. The tasks for implementing these functions were grouped by the following criteria: 1. Importance of the function for the user 2. Maturity of the function in the RI 3. Accordingly, the tasks were grouped into 3 categories: 4. Immediate implementation: the function implemented is highly important for the user, the implementation plan is consolidated. 5. Immediate implementation planning: the function implemented is highly important for the user, the implementation plan needs to be refined, know-how at the RIs needs to be established. Task for second half of project: the function implemented is considered important, but implementation can be postponed to allow focussed work on the highly important FAIRness functions.

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