Catalogue Discovery Object (Draft)

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The catalogue discovery object allows clients to discover resources registered in a catalogue, by providing three operations named queryCatalogue, catalogueDescription, and catalogueDomain. This object is always implemented by catalogue service implementations.

Catalogue Discovery
Discover the metadata available for a data asset or a set of assets
Engineering Viewpoint: discover asset configuration


This operation enables formulating a query against a catalogue and return the url to the query result or table formatted output (depending on the size of the result)


Allows clients to retrieve a description or reference to the structure (schema), queryables, element sets, and formats of the metadata used for one or more registered resource types.


Allows clients to retrieve domain values for the different metadata elements

API Template:
Based on
Discovery class of the OGC Catalogue Services 3.0 - General Model
Example technologies

pycsw: an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python

CKAN: CKAN can harvest CSW data when importing records and includes a CSW server to present a CSW interface to its own data.

Support in other models
Australia's: National Environmental Information Infrastructure: Reference Architecture