ENVRI Community building, engagement and communications strategy

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D2.2 ENVRI Community building, engagement and communications strategy
Deliverable nr D2.2
Submission date 2020-12-30
Type Strategy

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This document presents a strategy for ENVRI community communication and engagement actions. Such activities aim to further build the community of environmental research infrastructures (RI), with a special eye on the engagement of the RI scientific communities. The idea is to promote the RI collaboration benefits and inform about the opportunities offered thanks to the integrative and harmonization work among the RIs. However, the main goal of this strategy is to increase the visibility and two-way communications and engagement of the external stakeholders for the benefit of the ENVRI community as much as the collaborating RIs. This deliverable presents a summary of communications activities that are more possible, effective, or economical to do together rather than by individual member research infrastructures. We hope that such activities will increase the understanding of the Earth system's complexity and the necessity of studying the system holistically and the understanding of each specific RI's role in that system. Since such understanding is very much dependent on the in-situ observations, i.e., on the environmental RIs, the goal of the communications activities is to put the data and services provided by the RIs into the spotlight, and in that way attract more users, and eventually deliver a top-level multidisciplinary science.

Document amendment procedure

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