Getting started (RI Requirements)

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Here are some tips to get you started. Sections 1 - 3 are general, about creating, editing and labelling pages. Section 4 explains how the pages for the requirements analysis documentation are set up.

1. Create a page

  • Click "Create" and select "Blank Page" to create your first empty page.
  • Altermatively, click "..." (just to the right of the Create button) to create a page based on a existing template.
  • New pages are created as children of the page you are currently viewing.

2. Add to your page

  • Click "Edit" to enter the Confluence editor and use the page layouts feature to structure your content using sections and columns.
  • Use headings to format your text and drag and drop images into your page to provide visual interest.
  • Click "Insert more content" (the "+" dropdown on the editor toolbar) and select "Other Macros" to add macros for navigation, special formatting and other media.

3. Labelling pages

  • Labels help keep pages organised and make it easier for you to find the information you need. Click "Labels" at the bottom of a page to add or edit.

4. Organisation of the RI requirements analysis pages

Here are some points about how the content is organised. See sidebar left and figure right.

  • Top level page and topic pages
The Context and overview (RI Requirements) page is the top-level introductory page. Then there are 7 main topic pages, starting with General requirements and ending with Community support requirements. These are linked from the top level page - (1) in figure.
  • Topic requirements by RI
These are the main pages where content should initially be entered. For each RI, there are upto 7 pages, 1 per topic. They are linked from the 7 topic pages - (2) in figure. In several cases, there are less than 7 topic pages per RI. This is the case when no information has been gathered for that topic from that RI. If you need a new one of these pages created and linked, please ask Not an unresolved user. You can do that while editing any page by starting a "task list".
  • Requirements collated per RI
These pages collate the summary sections from each of the "topic requirements by RI" pages. Content of these pages is generated partially automatically - (3) in figure. Please take care when editing these pages i.e., do not remove or edit the macros.

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