IC 8 Catalogue, curation, provenance

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Short description

The implementation case aims at fulfilling requirements for curation, cataloguing and provenance.
The targeted usages are:

  • support operations in RI (e.g. network of observation system maintainance with sensor registry)
  • support downstream users (e.g. discover available datasets)
  • support long term sustainability of the information (e.g. preserve datasets or software).

Catalogue is used for discovery (finding items of interest), contextualisation (determining relevance and quality) , access (connecting together users, datasets, software, resources to achieve the user end-objective).
Items described in catalogues are among: datasets, systems and resources for observation and processing, observations event and results (e.g. samples), documents, persons, research objects.
Provenance and curation functions rely on catalogue as a back-end repository, as input or output

Provenance relates to contextualisation. It provides functions writing, updating and reading catalogue to complete discovery and access with services determining relevance and quality of the items described in catalogues.
Provenance being well covered in other implemention cases (IC_2 mostly, but IC_6 and IC_9 as well), the current implementation case will collaborate with them for requirements and fulfill them so to demonstrate a couple of provenance functions: to be listed (Barbara) 2 functions related to dataset's provenance.

Curation relates to the data management processes required to ensure availability of digital assets (datasets, software) through media migration to ensure physical readability, redundant copies to ensure availability, appropriate security and privacy measures to ensure reliability and appropriate catalogue content maintenance to ensure discovery, contextualisation and access to this digital assets.
The current implementation case fulfill requirements for a couple of curation functions: (a) automated media migration of datasets to ensure continued availability and readability; (b) discovery of a curated dataset along with appropriate curated software and operating environment



Background Contact Person Organization Contact email
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RI (Use Case proposer, Agile Group leader) Thomas Loubrieu IFREMER Thomas.loubrieu@ifremer.fr
RI Keith Jeffery Keith.Jeffery@keithgjefferyconsultants.co.uk
RI Chrstian Pichot, Andre Chanzy INRA (ANAEE) christian.pichot@paca.inra.fr
ITC Marco Rorro Giovanni Morelli The persons who managed
CKAN for EUDAT would be perfect here !
EUDAT M.rorro@cineca.it  g.morelli@cineca.it
RI Damien Boulanger IAGOS damien.boulanger@obs-mip.fr
RI Maggie Hellstrom ICOS margareta.hellstrom@nateko.lu.se
RI Barbara Magagna, Johannes Peterseil LTER Barbara.magagna@umweltbundesamt.at
Task 5.4 Zhiming Zhao, Paul Martin UvA z.zhao@uva.nl, P.W.Martin@uva.nl

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