Marine subdomain FAIRness roadmap

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D9.1 Marine subdomain FAIRness roadmap
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Deliverable nr D9.1
Submission date 31-08-2019
Type Analysis

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This report, deliverable D9.1 - Marine subdomain FAIRness roadmap, is the result of Task 9.2 “Analysis and priorities to enhance RI data FAIRness” activities which were led by MARIS with involvement of all RIs within the Marine subdomain, and tuning with WP5-WP7. Task 9.2 has analysed the FAIRness of each of the Marine RIs and made a list of priorities for enhancing their FAIRness by means of a roadmap. This deliverable D9.1 is to be considered as analysis and assessment providing a major basis for formulating the next deliverable D9.2 - Marine subdomain implementation plan. This will be prepared in the coming months interacting closely with WP5 (Community standards and catalogue of services) and WP7 (Common implementation and support).

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