Prototype of a web-based annotation tool ready for user testing

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D14.1 Prototype of a web-based annotation tool ready for user testing
ENVRIplus logo.jpg
Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D14.1
Submission date 2016-07-30
Type Demonstrator

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Ifremer in association with the SEM Noveltis (Labège, France) developed a web-based application linked with a structured database. The software is built as a game with a dedicated mission. The goal of each mission is to annotate a series of images extracted from archived video sequences coming from our deep-sea observatories. The annotation tool has been developed and is currently under test by experienced scientists before being tested in the fall by beta testers from several backgrounds. For this, Ifremer is in contact with the center for the discovery of ocean Oceanopolis (Brest, France) and the Academy of Rennes (Britany, France) to diffuse the game towards the general public.

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