Prototyping a distributed site catalogue

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D12.4 Prototyping a distributed site catalogue
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D12.4
Submission date 2019-07-08
Type Report

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This deliverable describes the theoretical groundwork and development of a prototype for a distributed site catalogue.

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Executive summary

The availability of quality controlled data is crucial for any data driven science. Long term monitoring and experimentation networks (MENs) and research infrastructures (RIs) are operating facilities at defined locations generating a wealth of data. Such site-based research infrastructures (RI) usually keep extensive documentation of their site network in dedicated catalogues in order to facilitate the management of the RI and its infrastructure.

However, even with extensive site information existing at the individual RI level, harmonisation and integration of site information across RIs is still scarce. Easy access and discovery for users to this information across different catalogues are still hampered due to a lack of integration. A federated site catalogue addresses these issues and focuses on harmonising and integrating such catalogues with the aim of providing a single access point for site information to foster environmental research and management.

This deliverable describes the work carried out in task 12.3. “Operational framework for RIs terrestrial ecosystem research related to biogeochemical cycles” about the development of a prototype that provides a centralised interface for searching across multiple site catalogues. It covers the fundamentals of interoperability, aggregating site information and the implementation of a prototype for a federated catalogue connected to three selected catalogue systems. These particular systems were chosen as they provide means of API-based data provision of site information as well as comprehensive records for each site. Based on the results of this aggregation, we also provide a set of recommendations for future work in this field.