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D18.5 RI Innovation and industry liaison prepardness roadmap
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D18.5
Submission date 2019-07-05
Type White paper

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Recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) call for urgent measures to manage and mitigate climate change risks. The European Commission is adopting a number of environmental policy instruments, ranging from mandatory rules to voluntary tools, aimed at ensuring that European industry works towards a high level of environmental protection, minimizes its environmental footprint and increases its sustainability. How can the ENVRIplus cluster play an active role in supporting industry in the required transition to a circular and green economy?

In responding to the EU pledge to scale up actions to reduce climate change hazards and transform the threats of climate change into opportunities for new solutions and technologies developed by industry, this paper proposes a roadmap for the ENVRIplus community to engage actively with industrial partners to create more sustainable partnerships.

The mission to become more proactive with industrial users is now feasible, as more and more environmental research infrastructures in the ESFRI Roadmap approaching or in the implementation phase and are rolling out services to users. They now recognize the urgency of finding ways to better develop closer links with Industry and to visibly demonstrate their relevance in promoting innovation and economic benefits for their Member countries and Europe as a whole.

The “Research Infrastructures Innovation-Preparedness Roadmap” proposal developed in ENVRIplus WP18 and documented in this paper offers a set of guidelines to help the ENVRI cluster of RIs to do this. It suggests a set of basic measures and actions they can adopt and undertake to organize and position themselves more effectively in identifying and dialoguing with prospective private sector partners. The Roadmap has two overarching objectives:

  1. develop a common methodology and set of action items to help the ENVRI RIs “walk the talk” vis-à-vis strengthening innovation-partnering with industry - something they regularly emphasize in their project proposals and presentations but generally do not know how or have difficulty effectively putting into practice; and,
  2. work towards being able to offer ESFRI a regular source of RI innovation success stories to complement those on RI scientific achievements, and thus help better showcase the return-for-money of the large public investments in the 50+ RIs on the ESFRI Roadmap each costing an average of €1.5 billion to construct and between €2 and €120 million annually to operate (source ESFRI)[1].
  1. EC Memo "ESFRI: research infrastructures for Europe" Brussels 2012
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