RI strategy for flexibility and sustainability

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D10.4 RI strategy for flexibility and sustainability
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D10.4
Submission date 2019-07-25
Type Strategy

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This document discusses the main issues related to the provision of sustainable access to the facilities, resources and services of environmental research infrastructures. Being mostly of distributed nature, environmental research infrastructures need to develop appropriate access funding strategies that allow ensuring the viability of access provision in the long-term. Particularly the funding of service provision to users via physical and remote access to national nodes of Research Infrastructures is often not sufficiently secured and politically challenging.

The potential funding sources and their benefits and drawbacks are discussed, as well as the principle aspects for developing an adequate access cost model. The recommendations aim at addressing the needs for developing sustainable solutions considering the open access principles, and complement the documents related to the guidelines, governance and management tools prepared in ENVRIplus WP10 (deliverables D10.1, D10.2, D10.3) for easy, efficient and effective access provision.

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