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D14.8 Report on collection of training sessions & presentations used in citizen science training workshops
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D14.8
Type Report

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In order to fulfil the requirements of D14.8 (“Collection Training sessions/ presentations”), presentations and workshop activity guidance has been made available in a Google Classroom format. These resources have been developed based on feedback and experience gained during the physical workshops (D14.7) and bring together adapted versions of workshop presentations with additional training, guidance notes/ commentary, and instructional tools, which have been curated to form a training tool for anyone interested in setting up their own citizen science initiative.

All resources can be viewed at: https://classroom.google.com and accessed with Class Code: hl2s2xb.

Note on timing:

The evaluation report was originally intended to be completed by M36, however due to staff changes internally and alterations to the schedule of training workshops to fit in with external events at which it was felt the workshops should be aligned, the delivery of this report has been delayed with agreement.

The change does not affect the budget or other elements of the project.

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