Report on intercalibration with green repeater initiative

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D4.4 Report on intercalibration with green repeater initiative
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D4.4
Type Report

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1. Executive Summary

This Milestone report repeatedly refers to "Smart Cables" (Science Monitoring And Reliable Telecommunication - SMART Subsea Cable systems); this term corresponds to the "Green repeaters" program mentioned in the ENVRIPLUS DoA (Description Of the Action). The Joint Task Force of ITU WMO in charge for the UN organizations initiative decided in 2016 to change the title of the program. We will use the new terminology further on in ENVRIPLUS.

Smart Cables program encourages the collaboration between the owner of communication seafloor cables and the scientific community involved in geo-hazard and climate change studies. The ultimate scope of the program is to utilize existing platforms (cable repeaters) for new sensors or integration of physical, biogeochemical and biological sensors in order to improve observing efficiency. Smart Cable program has set the frame for the joint design, development and deployment of multi-sensor devices suitable for integration in the communication cables repeater providing baseline conditions for ground acceleration, temperature, water pressure.

The ENVRIPLUS task addresses the common interest of EPOS (land) and EMSO (sea) in deep-sea geo-hazard monitoring in reference to the Smart Cable framework. The task provides element to build up a joint long-lasting frame for sharing knowledge and usage of technologies and best practices. This report presents: (i) an overview of the latest sensor innovations addressing both domains (i.e. able to be implemented on benthic stations), (ii) achievements of standardization effort of EMSO for the data of benthic stations in relation to EPOS/RESIF.