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D11.1 Report on planning and implementing physical access across disciplines
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D11.1
Submission date 2016-10-31
Type Report

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This document describes the planning and implementing of a first use case for physical access to multi-disciplinary platforms to promote synergies of observations across the environmental domains. An access procedure has been established to define the modalities, conditions, and criteria of access. Four test platforms have been selected for which a detailed description was provided via the ENVRIplus website. A first call for access has been prepared, organized and carried out, based on agreed procedures for application, evaluation and selection of the proposals, and support to research for multi-disciplinary access has been provided. The goal of the use case is to explore the conditions for multi-disciplinary access and evaluate the method applied and to build on this first experience in order to ultimately improve the opportunities for interdisciplinary research through access service provision.

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