Report on user community workshops

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D18.3 Report on user community workshops
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D18.3
Submission date 2019-04-30
Type Report

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During the lifetime of the ENVRIplus project, in total 10 events were organized in user oriented events, to explain and promote the objectives and aims of ENVRi as a community of Research Infrastructures. Users were both defined as scientists, data specialists and end users for upstream and downstream products and services. The activity clearly was an added benefit for the project and the ENVRI community. It generated postioning in the full spectrum of initiatives to monitor and study planet earth and was able to act as accelerator for related projects and initiatives. The activity also demonstrated that a focus on multi-domain, multi-disciplinarity etc. is valuable, but not always required to be useful as Research Infrastructure community.

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