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D14.6 Review of existing citizen science tools
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D14.6
Submission date 2016-09-06
Type Report

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A necessary component of environmental RI’s is and will increasingly become participative or “citizen” science. This is for two key reasons: 1) it raises societal awareness and engagement about environmental change and 2) provides data that is otherwise logistically inaccessible for monitoring change on our planet. This document provides a guide for Research Infrastructures who are considering citizen science programmes, or who wish to provide guidance to their community about entering the citizen science arena.

The components that need to be considered include:

  • What can citizen science do for Science and Scientists?
  • What can citizen science do for Society?
  • How to effectively engage, train, and maintain Citizen Scientists.
  • Data systems for acquisition, assessment, access, and analysis of distributed data sources.
  • Community Online Platforms: websites, social networks, discussion forums.
  • Crowdsourcing Tools: image acquisition, web and smartphone applications, surveys/questionnaires.
  • Information and Training Resources: webinars, public lectures, websites, public/museum displays.
  • Citizen Mobilization: rapid event response observations and human sensor networks.

While this document is not exhaustive, it provides links to many international citizen science associations, which in turn provide extensive resources.

Note on timing:

The initial due date in month 12 was postponed until month 15 caused by extended ill health of the task leader. The task leader is at the same time, WP and Theme leader - and these roles have taken more work than planned for ongoing progress in Theme 4. The delivery of D14.6 at month 15 then was in conflict with other deliverables which had more dependencies, and we're prioritized. All of these deliverables also suffered from higher than normal absences of the co- authors due to the combined impact of holidays/leaves/lengthy ocean research cruises. It has therefore taken this additional time to get input from any of the co-authors. As always planned, this document will continue to develop over the life of the project (see document plan).

The change does not affect the budget or other elements of the project.

Note on document history and plan:

N.B. This document was always envisioned to evolve over the course of the project, with contributions not only from the immediate WP14 team, but from the broader ENVRIplus R.I. community. An updated version will be included in the final report for the WP.

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