Roadmap for implementation of FAIR concepts

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D10.2 Roadmap for implementation of FAIR concepts
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Deliverable nr D10.2
Submission date 29 June 2020
Type Plan

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D10.2 “Roadmap for implementation of FAIR concepts” reports about the agreed strategies and roadmap for implementing FAIR principles in the Solid Earth domain community. FAIR principles have the merit of creating a common background of knowledge to engage communities in providing data in a standard way thus easing interoperability and data sharing. However, they do not explicitly refer neither to methodologies nor actual technical activities that RIs might adopt in order to implement software and technologies actually delivering FAIR data. In this deliverable we therefore describe the methodology we used to move from principles to technical activities (chapter 2), then we describe the common work done in the whole WP10 related to the FAIR assessment and planning process (chapter 3); finally, for each task, we describe the roadmap in terms of gap analysis and emerging technical activities to be undertaken to fill the gaps (chapter 4).

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