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A role in a community is a prescribing behaviour that can be performed any number of times concurrently or successively. A role can be either active (typically associated with a human actor) or passive (typically associated with a non-human actor, e.g. software or hardware components).

Active roles are identified in relation to people associated with a research infrastructure:

  • those who use the research infrastructure to do science;
  • those who work on resources to build, maintain and operate the research infrastructure; and
  • those who govern, manage and administer the research infrastructure

An individual may be a member of more than one community by undertaking different roles.

Passive roles are identified with subsystems, subsystem components, and hardware facilities. Active roles interact with passive roles to achieve their objectives.

  • Research Infrastructure
  • Roles in the Data Acquisition Community
  • Roles in the Data Curation Community
  • Roles in the Data Publishing Community
  • Roles in the Data Processing Community
  • Roles in the Data Use Community

Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure is the main entity being modeled in any ENVRI RM specification, additionally RI is a special role which can be part of the communities. This role is defined as follows.

Research Infrastructure: An active or passive role, which is the conglomeration of research resources providing some subset of data acquisition, data curation, data publishing, data processing and data use functionality to a research community.