Summary report on policy communications

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D17.4 Summary report on policy communications
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D17.4
Submission date 2019-06-26
Type Report

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This report provides a summary of the activities carried out by ENVRIPlus to promote, coordinate and cultivate sound and significant relations with key strategic stakeholders at all levels, in order to provide them with information regarding the mission, priorities, and activities of the project and the ENV RIs agenda.

ENVRIPlus aims to improve the Earth observation monitoring systems and strategies by enhancing the transdisciplinary use of data and data-products to contribute to tackling global environmental challenges and cooperate with all stakeholders who may affect or be interested in the project’s activities or outcomes. A continuous communication with all relevant stakeholders in Europe and beyond is essential to this objective.

The document opens with the description of the strategic objectives of the policy communication actions and the structured but flexible approach defined to build effective and proactive relationships with key organizations throughout the project, with a view to support the ENVRIPlus goals. The relations established, and the actions carried out to pursue and cultivate all different contacts, are described in subsequent chapters, each one focusing on different categories of stakeholders at different international, regional, national and local levels.

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