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D17.5 Sustainability plan
ENVRIplus logo.jpg
Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D17.5
Submission date 2019-04-29
Type Strategy

PDF | Zenodo

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The cooperating research infrastructures in the ENVRIplus project worked from 2014 to beginning 2019 on the design, development, deployment, operation and use of common facilities. These efforts resulted in quite some services for all individual research infrastructures, as well as for their cooperative initiatives. From the very beginning of the project was attention for sustaining all the achievements after the end of the project. Considering that each individual research infrastructure has its own legal entity with dedicated governance and management, the challenge is to agree on modes of cooperation to keep tools and services of common interest up to date and operational. This deliverable 17.5 reports about the concluded Sustainability Plan. The plan is framed by the views of stakeholders, more specifically the views of the involved research infrastructures, and also of relevant scientific bodies, policy bodies. The methodology applied to craft the Sustaiability Plan followed two approaches. First, a ‘bottom-up’ appracht to identify and analyse each developed result in the ENVRIplus project in the perspective of relevance for all cooperating research infrastructures. The list of these research infrastructures is in Appendix A. Second, a ‘top-down’ approach to consider the future ENVRI structure, regardless of any funded collaborative project. Considerations in this respect depart from a common strategic view on the purpose and benefits of continued cooperation. The result of these approaches and multiple discussions in the BEERi resulted in a common view to position ENVRI strongly for the next decade. Agreements on a sequence of decisive steps to establish a sustained ENVRI will also support the collaborative infrastructure contrinutions to advanced research accross traditional scientific borders, and to provide scientific support for a holistic understanding of our planet and its behaviour, processes, feedbacks, and fluxes. This also clarifies remaining challenges, as will partly will be tackled by the new ENVRI-FAIR project.

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