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<p align="center"><strong>
<p align="center"><strong>
     {{#if:{{{url|}}}|[{{{url}}} Link]| Link}} |
     {{#if:{{{url|}}}|[{{{url}}} Link]| PDF}} |
     {{#if:{{{zenodo|}}}| [{{{zenodo}}} Zenodo]| Zenodo}}
     {{#if:{{{zenodo|}}}| [{{{zenodo}}} Zenodo]| Zenodo}}

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A succinct infobox to be used at the very top of individual pages. Meant to give the reader a quick context summary of the page. The full metadata is then given at the bottom of the page using Template:DocumentMetadata.


Parameters. Copy-paste to the top of your page (or immediately below the first heading) and fill in the balnks:

| project = (Plain text. Should match an existing category)
| image = (Wikilink. Looks for the project logo, and if nothing is found, defaults to ENVRI Community logo)
| deliverable-nr = (Any format, eg. D1.2.)
| submission-date = (ISO 8601 format, ie. YYYY-MM-DD)
| type = (Plain text. Should match an existing category.)
| pdf = (Wikilink to copy of PDF file on the wiki.)
| zenodo = (Plain URL to Zenodo page.)
| url = (Plain URL to document copy elsewhere, eg. on the project website.)


Transcluded content starts here.


PDF | Zenodo

Document metadata