Updated version of the ENVRI strategy

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D17.2 Updated version of the ENVRI strategy
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D17.2
Submission date 2019-07-26
Type Strategy

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This document summarizes the development of the ENVRI strategy within the lifetime of the ENVRIplus project. The strategy process is ongoing and the aim of this document is to bring together the available strategy related material and outcomes that are based on common discussions and decisions held in and between the regular BEERi (Board of the European Environmental Research Infrastructures) meetings. Special attention in this document is paid to the outcomes of a separate ENVRI strategy and sustainability workshop that was organized for the BEERi members in November 2018. Based on the discussions and agreed actions points during the lifetime of ENVRIplus, the elements to realize the new ENVRI strategy including the reformulated ENVRI vision statement for the ENVRI community are presented here. In addition, the options and decisions related to the organizational structure to support the implementation of the new strategy are described here.

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