Biodiversity and ecosystem subdomain implementation short term plan

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D11.1 Biodiversity and ecosystem subdomain implementation short term plan
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Deliverable nr D11.1
Submission date 28/02/2020
Type Analysis

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This deliverable is the first analysis of the FAIRness of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem RIs that serves as guideline for the activities in the project. At the end of ENVRI-FAIR a new analysis will be done in order to evaluate the improvements and results and define the development strategy after the project. The document is also a short guideline for all the RIs in which the main characteristics of the different RIs are summarized and where strengths, weaknesses, difficulties, synergies, overlaps and available resources are reported. We prepared the document with the aim to facilitate crossRIs collaborations and exchanges in order to invest resources to develop as much as possible tools and procedures that can be used by multiple RIs. In addition, two key sections have been developed in order to facilitate the analysis of the Biodiversity and Ecosystems RIs and to propose practical examples of collaboration and synergies: - a description of the core competences of the different RIs that is useful to clearly identify the main expertise and competencies that other RIs can use and consult, - the definition of common parameters, quantities or properties that the different RIs collect/measure/manage and that can be used as example of a practical collaboration.

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