Community support in INTERACT

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Context of community support in INTERACT

Summary of INTERACT requirements for community support

Detailed requirements

  1. Community support

We define Community Support as being concerned with managing, controlling and tracking users' activities within an RI and with supporting all users to conduct their roles in their communities. It includes many miscellaneous aspects of RI operations, including for example (non-exhaustively) authentication, authorization and accounting, the use of virtual organizations, training and helpdesk activities.

  1. a. Training Requirements
    1. Do you use or plan to use e-Infrastructure technology?
    2. What is your community training plan?
    3. Does your community consider adopting e-Infrastructure solutions (e.g., Cloud, Grid, HPC, cluster computing).
      Station administrative set out meeting, skype, conferences, adope, yes, dealing with our system and communicate with PI via NordGIS, contains functionalities, laboratory resources.
    4. Is your community interested in training courses that introduce state-of-the-art e-Infrastructure technology?
    5. What topics (related to e-Infrastructure solutions) would your community be interested in?
    6. Who would be audience?
      • Please describe their knowledge background of e-Infrastructure technology
    7. What are appropriate methods to deliver this training?
      Requires training. Require feedback. Usability test, role play situation. Where particapants are mimicking the different roles in NordGIS. Public, PI; and station administrators. Quite different functionality. PI sets up station in collaboration. And communication. Smart functionality for communication. Trained in these skills. We simulate all that and supervise the participants and record their reactions when they are confronted. And this comes back in the optimization of the system. Technologies of handling situation, perform usability station one station at the time – when interacting we meet many station and administrator at virtual meetings. Skype is limited – adope has a solution.

  1. b. Requirements for the Community Support Subsystem:
    1. What are the required functionalities of your Community Support capability?
    2. What are the non-functional requirements, e.g., privacy, licensing, performance?
    3. What standards do you use, e.g., related to data, metadata, web services?
    4. What community software/services/applications do you use?

Data products. Standards on how to turn primary data into data products. Grassroute information to this growing bubble of actual data. Sharing actual data needs metadata, nationally I still simply point from metadata.

Formalities (who & when)

@Barbara Magagna
RI representative
@Thomas Thierfelder
Period of requirements collection