ENVRI-FAIR Knowledge Base for RI Service Interoperation and Competence

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D7.3 ENVRI-FAIR Knowledge Base for RI Service Interoperation and Competence
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Deliverable nr D7.3
Submission date 07-12-2020
Type Report, analysis, plan

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The overarching goal of ENVRI-FAIR is for all participating RIs to improve their FAIRness and prepare the connection of their data repositories and services to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). With the development of FAIR implementations from the participating RIs and integrated services among the environmental subdomains, these data and services will be brought together at a higher level (for the entire cluster), providing more efficient services for researchers and policymakers. This deliverable introduces the building of the Knowledge Base in the ENVRI-FAIR context, describes the the approach chosen for the knowledge construction, its support for sharing technical practices, identifying common problems and solutions, searching existing solutions for interoperability challenges among environmental RIs, and knowledge-based decisions. The objective of this task is to build a cluster-level Knowledge Base in order to share technical practices, identify common data and service requirements and design patterns, and facilitate search and

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Amendments, comments and suggestions should be sent to the Project Manager at manager@envri-fair.eu.