Ethical guidelines for RIs

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D13.3 Ethical guidelines for RIs
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D13.3
Submission date 2018-11-30
Type Guideline

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This deliverable refers to the “Ethical Guidelines” (EGs) for Research Infrastructures (RIs) developed and implemented by WP13. The EGs present a general framework of ethical values, to be used by each research infrastructure of the ENVRI community. They are a basis to design or to shape individual ethical guidelines taking into account RIs’ peculiarities with respect to their status, duties, activities, and goals.

The EGs are structured in a main section, explaining general ethical values, and a subordinate section, where some delicate matters of interest for RIs are discussed from an ethical perspective. Ethical values included in the EGs refer to four ethical domains, affecting RI’s as a whole as well as individual scientists working at RIs. The domains mirror the ethical profile of each scientist/technician/administrator, his/her relationships with colleagues and their working environment, the interaction with society, and their obligations towards the Earth system. In addition to these four domains, the EGs discuss several issues which are considered to have a particular importance for the RIs: working environment, data life cycle, conflicts of interest, and relationship with decision-makers. Their balance is indispensable for a respectful and caring work environment and are needed to ensure a fair reflection of the institutional activities and results towards society.

The EGs are the result of an extensive survey of relevant literature produced by scientific and professional organizations, institutions, and bodies focusing on applied ethics for research and other professional activities conducted at RIs.

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