Guidelines on access to RIs

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D10.1 Guidelines on access to RIs
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Project ENVRIplus
Deliverable nr D10.1
Submission date 2019-03-04
Type White paper

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The overall objective of this document is to give a set of recommendations to be used as a reference for the Environmental Research Infrastructures when defining data and access policies. This set of recommendations is based on the existing policies in ESFRI and other Research Infrastructures, research institutions and international projects as well as on the current European policies and regulations in place.

The document comprises a set of definitions, principles and guidelines for the access to Environmental Research Infrastructures, being for the most part distributed research infrastructures presenting specific challenges and opportunities. It explores several aspects related to the access to Research Infrastructures such as the types of access provided, the selection modes, the procedures to select users, the support provided to users, post-access provisions, data and access policies, as well as the considerations related to access costs, confidentiality and IPR rules, legal and ethical issues, and principles for the monitoring of Research Infrastructures performance.

The document takes as its starting point the information gathered through a questionnaire sent to the Research Infrastructures participating in ENVRIplus with the purpose to get a picture of the existing access policies, the procedures in place or envisaged to select users, the kind of users and their provenance, the specific provisions for the commercial use of data and for the access from private sector users, the specific outreach measures to attract users as well as legal and ethical issues.

This deliverable covers various aspects trying to establish guidelines of best practice to assist Environmental Research Infrastructures in the definition of their policies for the access to facilities and services.

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