TC 16 Description of a national marine biodiversity data archive centre

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Short description

The Marine Biological Association (MBA) coordinates the DASSH Data Archive Centre, which is a national facility for the archival of marine species and habitat data. It needs to be integrated with other European marine biological data (e.g., data curated by EMSO, SeadataNet, JERICO and EMBRC) as a joint contribution to EMODNET Biology, the COPERNICUS provider. This is a typical test case. It will help improve the integration and the Reference Model.


Background Contact Person Organization Contact email
RI-Domain Dan Lear Marine Biological Association
Reference Model Abraham Nieva, Alex Hardisty Cardiff University

Use case type

Test case

Scientific domain and communities

Scientific domain


Community (see {+} for a list of communities)

Data Acquisition | Data Curation | Data Publication | Data Service Provision | Data Usage


Detailed description

Objective and Impact

This use case will enable a full description of the DASSH Data Centre, and its associated services. It will facilitate integration with the EU data infrastructure, and serve as a demonstration of how the ENVRI RM could benefit other data centres within the UK MEDIN Partnership.


The MBA staff involved have no prior experience with the ENVRI RM and are not ICT professionals. The implementation of the RM by domain-centric experts could highlight differences or uncertainty in definitions and terminology.

Detailed scenarios

We would like to describe the entire data flow from acquisition to publication. Existing flow diagrams are included below, with both internal and external flows and process illustrated.

Worddavfb543967edf3f35ef478c30c6ac9975f.png Worddav4b4c085e2204bb3ac97c68f746d0e7aa.png

Technical status and requirements


Implementation plan and timetable

This use-case forms part of Task 5.2 of ENVRI+ and therefore needs to align with these deliverables. D5.2 is due at M18. This case study should form part of that deliverable. Further details to be added.

Expected output and evaluation of output

We expect a fuller understanding of the RM, how it can be implemented to describe the workings of a marine biodiversity data centre, and whether these experiences can be adopted within the wider MEDIN community. As well as a case study report, some lessons learned should also be reported.

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