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Introduction, rationales[edit]

The expected results from the ENVRIplus work packages should be relevant for most RIs since the WPs and deliverables of the project have been defined by the RIs together. To assure that the RIs take up the expected results, it is important that they indicate already now what is in their interest to implement in their RIs. Theme 2 is following such approach to analyse the RIs interests and requirements, and to identify test cases for understanding user demands, defining the requirements, and develop demonstrators. Ideally, the implementation cases and prior test cases are embedded in a scientific use case that feeds into various WPs and their products.

It would be for all cases beneficial when they are built on reality, such as on existing or new developed sensors, data streams, legacy data, routines for data processing, web services, remote access arrangements, training etc., and preferably involving cooperation of RIs. Coordination of the work between the development areas and the deployment area has to promote RI engagement and coordination should preferably be lead by RI representatives.

Concepts and Terminology[edit]

To clarify the terminology in these pages, the Concepts and Terminology page describes the conditions and implications for each of the three different case types: science, test, and implementation.

List of use cases[edit]

The list of use cases, with further expansion pages for each use case.