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ENVRIplus is a Horizon 2020 project bringing together Environmental and Earth System Research Infrastructures, projects and networks together with technical specialist partners to create a more coherent, interdisciplinary and interoperable cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures across Europe. Environmental Research Infrastructures provide key tools and instruments for the researchers to address specific challenges within their own scientific fields. However, to tackle the grand challenges facing human society (for example climate change, extreme events, loss of biodiversity, etc.), scientific collaboration across the traditional fields is necessary. The Earth system is highly interlinked and the area of focus for environmental research is therefore our whole planet.

Collaboration within the ENVRIplus will enable the multidisciplinary Earth system science across the traditional scientific fields, which is so important in order to address today’s global challenges. The cooperation will avoid the fragmentation and duplication of efforts, making the Research Infrastructures’ products and solutions easier to use with each other, improving their innovation potential and cost/benefit ratio of the Research Infrastructure operations.

Collaboration is the only way forward to address the Global Changes facing today’s society.

Grant website
Project number (EU Grant Proposal) 654182
Starting date 1st of May 2015
Ending date 31st of April 2019
Project length in months 48 months
Coordinating institution initially University of Helsinki, later ICOS ERIC
Call H2020-INFRADEV-1-2014-1
Topic INFRADEV-4-2014-2015 - Implementation and operation of cross-cutting services and solutions for clusters of ESFRI and other relevant research infrastructure initiatives


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